Primary Rhinoplasty

Common Reasons For A Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, is becoming one of the most widely performed operations in facial plastic surgery. Reasons for having a rhinoplasty performed are highly variable and range from purely cosmetic changes, due to a dorsal hump or wide nasal tip, to more functional reasons like severe nasal/septal deformities, nasal obstruction due to collapse or blockage, or previous nasal bone fracture.

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The Rhinoplasty Procedure

The surgical approach remains the same across all rationale, but results are highly tailored towards each patient’s desires and individuality. The surgery is typically done as an outpatient, with the operation performed in a surgical suite under general anesthesia. Procedures can vary widely depending on patients’ goals and aesthetic desires. Both open and closed approaches are utilized, depending on the situation and the patient’s anatomy, and would be discussed beforehand. Preoperative computer imaging or “photo-morphing” is done with all rhinoplasty patients before surgery so that they may have an active role in determining the desired outcome.

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