Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Our noses are a key part of our faces, it defines both our look and profile. Sometimes, either through injury or genetics, we are unhappy with the look of our nose. And other times, we may not breathe well or look the way we want to. At St. Louis Facial Plastic Surgery, The team for ethnic and regular Rhinoplasty procedures will give you the look and feel you have always deserved.

What Is An Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a broad categorization of rhinoplasty which describes primarily patients of Asian, African and Hispanic descent. It is absolutely paramount to understand that noses vary substantially across races and that maintaining an individual, natural appearance is of utmost importance to all people.

Planning Before Your Ethnic Rhinoplasty Procedure

It is the goal of St. Louis Facial Plastic Surgery to create a heavily personalized experience for each patient, considering their preferences, culture, and ethnicity. Preoperative computer imaging or “photo- morphing” is done with all rhinoplasty patients before surgery so that they may have an active role in determining the desired outcome.

Patient Testimonial

"Very kind and professional service. Great new technology and equipment! My Sinuses feel better than they have in a long time." - John A.

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