Why Use Medical Grade Skincare?

White serum bottle and cream jar, mockup of beauty product brand. Top view on the white background. At St. Louis Facial Plastic Surgery, we recognize the power that the skin has on our general appearance. The skin will age. It will develop wrinkles and fine lines. It may show signs of sun damage as we reach the middle of life. For these and other reasons, it is essential that we discuss how to take the best possible care of this large organ. In our practice, we help patients look and feel their best by providing outstanding surgical and nonsurgical services. We’ve also chosen to offer Epionce skin care products. Here, we’ll let you know why. 

Medical Grade or Over-the-Counter: Is There Really a Difference?

Consumers can find great deals on luxurious skin care products in stores like Ulta and Sephora. Why would they go the extra step of scheduling a visit with a doctor just to get medical grade cleansers, toners, and other items? We will say that over-the-counter products, by their very nature, are in fact more accessible. We cannot say they are more affordable; we’ve seen plenty of brands that outprice the quality skincare we offer. We also cannot say that a person buying skin care from a retailer that has numerous brand options is getting the best help in determining which products are ideal for their skin type and needs. But wait, there’s more!

Medical skin care is different from over-the-counter skin care in some pretty major ways. First, cosmeceuticals are not FDA regulated. Commercial products are. As such, over-the-counter skin care is not allowed to penetrate beyond the uppermost layers of the skin. Medical grade skin care is. That is why brands like Epionce can make substantiated claims of treating various skin conditions. Furthermore, as you might suspect, medical grade skin care is more potent. The ratios and purity of active ingredients is, across most brands, more concentrated. This is how medical grade skin care achieves such great results! It permeates deeper layers of the skin with higher amounts of active ingredients. In the case of Epionce, those ingredients are also made to work synergistically across various products. 

Why Epionce?

Epionce isn’t just medical grade skin care. It is the first medical grade botanical skin care line. It was created and continues to evolve based on many years of scientific data related to the root cause of aging. Time in the lab has perfected proprietary formulations that achieve clinically-proven results. Using the recommended products together, consumers get the maximum benefits, which are revealed in their radiant skin. 

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