Why Undereye Bags Develop and What to Do about Them

Blepharoplasty St. Louis, MO Many men and women express that they feel dissatisfied with a tired, unhealthy appearance. A lot of the time, their complaints center around their eyes. Undereye bags are a common problem and one of the contributing factors to looking older than you feel. Here, we discuss why undereye bags may develop and also what can be done to correct them.

Why We Get Undereye Bags

Undereye bags may look slightly puffy or downright saggy. The common theory is that we get undereye bags when we haven’t gotten enough sleep, don’t take the best care of ourselves, or when we grow older. In truth, undereye puffiness is not just an age-related issue. There are several factors involved.


If you’ve noticed that you have extra fat under your eyes and you are a long way off from what we would call aging, you may have your family line to thank. Some people have a mild bulge while growing up that worsens as they get older.


One of the primary problems related to undereye bags is the distribution of fat beneath the eyes. Fatty tissue is what gives the face soft, supple contouring. However, the composition and positioning of fat change over time. Sometime during adulthood, most people notice that their facial contours flatten from the mid-face on down, with skin and tissue then sagging in the form of jowls. When the cushioning of fat across the cheeks deflates, the appearance of the fat pads beneath the eyes becomes more prominent. So, it isn’t that you have developed more fat under your eyes, it’s that the fat on the upper cheeks is no longer present to counterbalance that area.


The fat tissue under the eyes is secured by a membrane called the orbital septum. As the membrane weakens due to collagen depletion, it fails to hold fat pads farther beneath the skin’s surface so they may protrude forward.

Treating Undereye Bags

Regardless of the cause of undereye bags, there are solutions available to make the eyes come to life once again.

  • For a quick makeover without any downtime, many people obtain dermal filler injections in the uppermost aspect of the cheeks. Rounding out the upper cheeks decreases the appearance of protruding fat pads.
  • For longer-lasting results, the upper cheek can be contoured using fat cells. The process requires a minor liposuction procedure but results last several years.
  • The longest lasting results may come from blepharoplasty, a minor surgical procedure through which excess skin and muscle are modified and fat can be redistributed, if necessary.

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