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Istock 1171962174 We’ve reached that time of year when the sun is going down earlier and the temperature seems to drop lower every day. There are some benefits to this. We might slow down a little more and enjoy some time by a fire or cozied under a blanket with a good book. The cold weather also brings a few pitfalls. Winter skin is one of them. This may be the season of joy and giving, but it can also be the season of chapped lips and hands and generally dry, irritated skin. Here, we offer some simple suggestions for avoiding these frustrating problems.

Moisturize Differently

When the weather is hot, especially if it is also humid, we don’t think much about how we moisturize the skin. We reach for standard lotions and lightweight facial moisturizers to keep us fresh without causing oiliness. During this time of year, we begin seeing numerous articles reporting the need to store those lightweight lotions and serums for emollient creams. This is a good start, but it isn’t all that we can do to support healthy skin.

When the weather is cold, the air is dry. When the air is dry, it pulls moisture out of the skin very quickly. That’s why, when we lick our lips, they quickly chap. To offset this quick evaporation, we can do two things. First, we can drink more water. We know, when it’s cold out, the idea of drinking water is less appealing than, say, when it’s 80 degrees outside. However, fluid intake is vital to healthy skin. Another way to address dry air is to add your own moisture. This can be achieved by placing a humidifier in the home or office.

Reduce Exfoliating

For the most part, exfoliating is something everyone should do. This can involve various approaches, from chemical peels to microdermabrasion to certain skincare ingredients. The goal is to remove dead and damaged cells from the epidermis so they do not clog pores, mottle the complexion, and degrade the efficacy of skincare products. As beneficial as exfoliating is, it is not something to do in the same way throughout the entire year. During the winter months, when the air is cold and dry, exfoliating can cause unwanted irritation. So, slow it down. See a professional who can observe your skin and tailor exfoliating treatment accordingly.

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