What Dermal Fillers Do

Dermal fillers are some of the most popular cosmetic products to ever be invented. The nonsurgical treatment that involves a dermal filler product is quick and affordable. It is also performed millions of times each year thanks to global popularity. While it can be nice to know that lines and wrinkles can be banished without invasive intervention, there are also details about dermal fillers that can be easily overlooked. One is how much filler it takes to achieve the expected outcome. We want to discuss this here.

What Dermal Fillers Do

Another term used to describe dermal fillers is soft tissue fillers. The common products that are introduced into the subcutaneous area beneath the skin include hyaluronic acid. This naturally-occurring acid smoothes lines and creases by adding volume to the soft tissue beneath them. Volume is created by water molecules that are bound by the hyaluronic acid that has been deposited.  The quantity of water molecules that are trapped is determined by how much dermal filler is added to the skin. So, how much does it take?

Most enhancements can be achieved with 1 to 2 syringes of dermal filler. However,

  • Every person’s tissue may respond slightly differently. This includes how much the skin plumps with dermal filler and how long it takes for the filler to break down.
  • A person with very low body fat percentage may have too little fat on the face to achieve noticeable results from dermal filler treatment. More product may be needed to enhance contours and smooth the skin.
  • People who have lost more fatty tissue, muscle tone and bone structure in the mid-face tend to need more filler to achieve noticeable rejuvenation.
  • When the skin has lost its resiliency, which it does without adequate collagen and elastin production, more filler is needed to fill in hollow or thinned areas. This is a tricky proposition, however, because the more filler that one receives, the higher their risk of looking puffy.

Dermal fillers fill a meaningful role in aesthetic medicine. We are enormous fans of this treatment and perform it regularly. During a consultation in our St. Louis office, we can help you determine just how much filler you will need to look like your best self. To schedule your visit, call 314.475.3700.

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