We’re Answering Common Dermal Filler Questions

Istock 949489994 The signs of aging can be difficult to accept even if we know we cannot avoid them. Historically, plastic surgery has been a primary way to correct cosmetic concerns. For the past few decades, the vast majority of adults who want to rejuvenate or enhance their facial aesthetic have done so with injectables like Botox and dermal fillers. Here, we answer some of the most common questions patients have about dermal filler treatment as they decide which approach is right for them.

Who Benefits from Dermal Fillers?

Before investing in any cosmetic treatment, patients like to know if that treatment is right for them. What benefits are there to be had with dermal fillers? Many people know dermal fillers as a treatment for wrinkles and creases. This is true, but it is not the end of the story. Adults of all ages, even those who have not yet begun to see lines and folds, can experience amazing results from dermal filler injections. These products can smooth undereye bags, plump the lips, refine the jawline and chin, correct the shape of the nose, and build contour in the cheek area. You don’t have to be a certain age to experience the benefits of dermal fillers. If you are a healthy adult with a desire for more symmetry or facial contouring, you may be a great candidate for this treatment.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Dermal fillers are commonly made with hyaluronic acid. This active ingredient is the magic that builds volume beneath the skin to smooth lines and add curves and plumpness. The body makes hyaluronic acid naturally. However, like collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid declines as we get older. The body uses more than it makes, so we experience things like stiff joints, dry eyes, and wrinkles. When we inject hyaluronic acid beneath the skin, each particle can bind to up to one thousand times its weight in water. These molecules can be secured in place for up to two years.

What Can I Expect from Treatment?

There may be very few beauty treatments as easy and gratifying as dermal fillers. At our office, patients are made comfortable from the time they arrive. At your visit, you can expect a brief consultation that helps us understand what you wish to accomplish. We will answer any questions you have, so ask away! Then, we can conduct your injections in less than 20 minutes. Once your injections are complete, you see a New and Improved You.

We are proud to offer comfortable dermal filler treatment in our St. Louis and Festus offices. To schedule your visit, call 314.475.3700.

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