Well, Well, Well! Look What Botox Can Do!


Over the past ten-plus years, we have come to know Botox as a powerful wrinkle-reducer. Even people who have not had Botox treatment tend to recognize the FDA-approved cosmetic drug for its safety and convenience. Treatment takes only a few minutes, reaches full effect within a week, and lasts 3 to 6 months. The way that Botox works is by inhibiting the release of a chemical that is vital to muscle contractions. By temporarily paralyzing muscles, Botox smoothes away dynamic wrinkles like frown lines and crow’s feet. Could there possibly be more? Research suggests just that.

Could Botox Have a Dual-Effect on the Skin?

Researchers in Canada wanted to know if Botox’s wrinkle-reducing powers extended beyond what we know about muscle relaxation. In their study of 43 women, these doctors discovered that, in fact, Botox may do something unexpected, boost elasticity.

Skin elasticity is a vital aspect of youthfulness. Elasticity is fostered by the protein elastin, which is produced by fibroblast cells. When skin is elastic, it has the ability to bounce back if stretched. We don’t go around stretching our own skin, but gravity does. This is why, when we lose elasticity, our skin looks thinner and more crepey, because it isn’t retracting anymore. Once diminished, it can be difficult to restore elasticity. For this reason, the suggestion that Botox does just that is pretty significant.

Research on Botox and Elasticity

In the Canadian study, researchers measured the skin elasticity of 43 women who had never been treated with Botox. Measurements taken with a tool called a Cutometer first gave researchers a baseline for each participant. Then, after Botox treatments were administered, several more measurements were taken over time. What the doctors discovered was that elasticity improved as much as 30 percent after treatment and that the improved elasticity lasted as long as 4 months; the average lifespan of Botox in the skin.

The whole point of getting Botox is to see fewer wrinkles in the present moment. By boosting elasticity, it seems that Botox may also hold the power to decrease the rate of new wrinkle formation, too.

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