So, You Want to Look Refreshed. Here Are Some Options!

7 Adobestock 256822554 Cropped 300x300 1 Your face is a representation of your personality, not just your age. So, when your face begins to show the signs of aging, you may not feel as much like yourself as you’d like. You may be energetic and outgoing on the inside, but look angry or sad on the outside. Historically, it has been relatively challenging to address the various consequences of facial aging. Now, we have more options than we may have time to explore. Here, we’ll break it down to make it easier by discussing how you might choose between a surgical facelift and injectable treatments by considering just one important aspect: results.

Do You Want Results Right Away?

This may seem like an obvious question. When the signs of aging stare back at you in the mirror every day, of course you want to see an improvement sooner rather than later. That’s why you’re considering treatment in the first place! With injectable dermal fillers, results are immediate. Coupled with an injectable wrinkle reducer like Botox, treatment can be so profound that the face looks up to 10 years younger. What does injectable treatment achieve? A lot!

  • Lifted eyebrows
  • A smooth forehead
  • Elimination of frown lines
  • Softer, younger-looking skin around the eyes
  • Improved cheek and jawline contours
  • Fuller, more defined lips
  • No more undereye bags

Do You Want Results that Last a Long Time?

Here’s the trade-off with injectable treatment, results don’t last as long compared to facial rejuvenation surgery. Using injectables is easy but treatment must be repeated to continue reducing the signs of aging. Some injectables, like Botox, may need to be repeated as often as every 3 months. Some dermal fillers can last as long as 2 years. A surgical facelift, on the other hand, achieves results that can last many years. Many people who have a facelift, eyelid lift, or brow lift never repeat this treatment because the face is so significantly rejuvenated.

We are proud to offer our patients the choices they need to address their age-related cosmetic concerns. To schedule your consultation in our St. Louis office to discuss your options, call 314.475.3700.

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