Rhinoplasty Requires Excellence

As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Steitz understands the value of excellence in all professional endeavors. His specific training under Dr. Dean Toriumi at the University of Illinois in Chicago only enhanced a desire to achieve the very best for our patients. Because rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgical procedures that people consider, and because evidence suggests that many people tend to act quickly once they have decided to have a nose job, we find it critical to point out the necessity of patience at the onset of care.

All surgical procedures require a delicate and very considerate touch. When it comes to complexity, though, rhinoplasty can be one of the most involved techniques around. This surgery virtually reconfigures the face by making millimeters of change happen on or inside the nose, or both. Clearly, this is not something you want your doctor to be “good at;” it’s something your doctor must excel at. If you are considering a nose job, we invite you to come to our St. Louis office where you and Dr. Steitz can engage in a thorough dialogue about your concerns, what you wish to achieve, and exactly how that may happen.

Things to Know about Rhinoplasty

Your consultation matters.

The purpose of your rhinoplasty consultation is to enable you to accurately describe the changes you wish to make. Many people do take reference photos to their surgeon. This can be a good idea but only because reference can be used to describe what you might like to achieve on a specific level. Not “I want my nose to look like that,” but “I like the tip of that nose.” The magic is in the details and it is the details that you and your surgeon identify that will lead to the best outcome from surgery.

Results will take time.

The good news about rhinoplasty surgery is that recovery is much more comfortable than most people imagine. What needs to be understood is that the full reveal after surgery does not occur for months. This is why patients who aren’t completely satisfied with their nose job are encouraged to wait at least 12 months before discussing revision rhinoplasty. The majority of the swelling that occurs after rhinoplasty decreases within a few weeks, so you will have a good idea of the final outcome early on. However, even minute changes in shape and size as swelling disappears can alter how the nose looks in relation to other facial features.

Take your time with rhinoplasty. Ask every question you have. Seek the input of a surgeon who specializes in this procedure. To learn more about your potential nose job and Dr. Steitz’s training and experience, call our St. Louis office at 314.475.3700.

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