How to Know if You’re Ready for a Facelift

C9bc2oga Facelift surgery has not lost its appeal in the years since injectables and other nonsurgical treatments emerged. While it is beneficial to have options for how you may want to address the signs of aging you are experiencing, there may come a time when surgery seems like the best choice. Understandably, undergoing surgery is a big deal. There are anesthesia and a little bit of downtime and, though surgeries have been safely performed for many years, you want to take your time when deciding to schedule a facelift. Many people express some degree of uncertainty related to whether or not “now” is the right time for them to be thinking about surgery. The broad answer is that every person has to make that determination based on their level of concern and their desired outcome. On a more specific level, though, there is a relatively easy way to spots signs that you’re ready for a facelift.

Are You Ready? Let’s Find Out!

“I don’t look like Me anymore!”

This is a statement that we hear a lot. Aging doesn’t just cause lines and creases on the face. When the body stops making collagen and other vital chemicals, the fat pads and muscles that are the foundational layers of the face also break down. On the surface, the skin becomes thin and loose. Beneath the surface, muscles and connective tissue weaken and lose firmness. Without adequate firmness and elasticity, the contours of the face shift downward. The cheeks look flatter while the jawline looks wider and softer. This change in face shape tends to cause people the most concern. Getting a facelift is often much more about looking like yourself again than about looking like you’re twenty again.

Your Current Plan Isn’t Working

What most people do when they become troubled by the signs of aging is they visit their local doctor for injectables like Botox and dermal fillers. These are excellent treatments for mild to moderate aging in many cases. However, they aren’t meant to keep up with the loss of volume and collagen that occurs as we get older. In time, the results that are achieved with injectables tend to be diminished from what they once were. This indicates it may be a great time for a facelift.

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