Free Yourself from the Frustrating Signs of Aging

Istock 931331532 1 The progression of the aging process is inevitable. While we may try to soothe our frustrations by noting how those laugh lines mean we’ve laughed, and those worry lines mean we’ve loved, the fact remains that cosmetic aging can cause us to look at ourselves differently. Thanks to plastic surgery techniques and innovative science, the concept of aging gracefully has become a reality. Here, we discuss some of the conservative, practical, and surgical ways you might free yourself from the frustrating signs of aging. 

Conservative Rejuvenation

For nearly twenty years, adults of all ages have been drawn to the use of injectable solutions like Botox and dermal fillers. In our St. Louis plastic surgery practice, these products play a pivotal role. Even patients who undergo surgical lift procedures often benefit from follow up with injectables. This method of enhancing and rejuvenating the face is convenient and highly gratifying, with some patients seeing an immediate difference in their appearance. 

Practical Habits to Manage Aging Skin

Knowing that the skin is aging regardless of what we do, it is beneficial to develop the right things to do to at least slow the process down. You probably know that sunscreen use is essential to anti-aging, so we’re not going to go there. We’re going to point out some practical habits you may not realize are critical to resilient skin. 

  • Stay hydrated. If you’ve had a hyaluronic acid dermal filler injected into wrinkles, you may recognize the role that water plays in plump, youthful skin. The very action of hyaluronic acid is to bind to water molecules. If your body is dehydrated, there may be insufficient water content to nourish the skin as needed, with or without dermal fillers. 
  • Eat well. What is on your plate isn’t only relevant to your waistline, it’s also going to impact your skin. The more fresh, antioxidant-rich foods you can consume on a regular basis, the more resilient your skin can be to the aging process. This is because antioxidants fight free radicals, the atoms that are associated with premature aging. 
  • Use quality skincare products. In addition to broad-spectrum SPF30 sunscreen, adults should use a vitamin C serum on their skin. This product promotes collagen production and healthy cellular turnover for consistently-renewed skin. 

Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Let’s just say it; regardless of what we do, our skin will age. At some point, you may want to achieve more profound, longer-lasting improvements. Surgery may be the ideal solution. Some of the common plastic surgery procedures performed for facial rejuvenation include:

  • Blepharoplasty eyelid rejuvenation
  • Brow lift surgery
  • Facelift surgery

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