Facial Fat Transfer: Why You Might Want This Procedure

Woman In V Neck Trumpet Sleeved Dress 1115697 216x300 1 With so many wonderful ways to correct the signs of aging, it may seem as though we need no innovation. Why, when one could see an expert provider for dermal filler injections into lines, creases, and areas lacking contour, would we need to discuss the value of considering facial fat transfer. It turns out, there are several reasons.

Aging isn’t just a matter of losing collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. It is about a change at the cellular level that can affect all bodily tissues, including facial fat. Beneath the eyes and across the cheeks, in particular, are fat pads that support smooth skin and dimensionality. As the body ages, the facial fat deteriorates in some areas, like the cheeks and lips. In other areas, such as under the eyes, fat pads may begin to protrude due to weakening of the skin. Understanding the changes that occur in facial fat, it makes sense to consider how we could replace like with like. Fat transfer does just that.

Benefits of Fat Transfer to The Face

There are several advantages of fat transfer, including:

  • Just like dermal fillers are now made with varying sizes of particles, fat can be processed into different sized particles as well. This includes macrofat, microfat, and nanofat. This is a distinct advantage because it customizes treatment to the part of the face being rejuvenated.
  • In many cases, the fat transfer procedure can be conducted in the office rather than the operating room. This reduces cost and risk factors. The office procedure is performed with a local anesthetic both in the harvest area, which could be the abdomen, hips, or other areas, and the transplant area of the face. The fat harvesting of facial fat transfer is minor, not like full-blown liposuction. Only enough fat is taken to achieve the desired facial rejuvenation.
  • Results last. One of the ways that facial fat transfer differs from dermal fillers is that the results can last indefinitely. This is possible because fat cells do not degrade or dissolve like dermal fillers do. However, the fat cells that survive the transplant process could shrink with weight loss.
  • Natural look and feel. Patients want their facial rejuvenation to look natural. While dermal fillers can do this, there is likely nothing better than fat. This is because we are replacing like with like. The fat that survives transplantation establishes blood supply from the body and will reinstate natural fullness.

We’ve Got Your Refresher

Dr. Steitz can help you refresh your look with a minimally-invasive, long-lasting fat transfer treatment. To learn more, call St. Louis Facial Plastic Surgery at 314.475.3700.

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