Droopy Eyelids: Can Injectables Help?

Istock 512629537 1 Facial aging can create unnecessary stress. We know we will age. We may even expect certain changes based on how our older siblings or parents look. Still, when we start to see lines, crow’s feet, and things like undereye bags, we may feel a dip in self-esteem. It’s perfectly normal to want to age gracefully with the help of professional treatments. We understand that many people prefer to try nonsurgical approaches first. Here, we look at whether or not injectables can be a worthwhile solution for aging eyelids.

What Causes Droopy Eyelids?

Droopy, saggy, and puffy eyelids are caused by the same changes that affect all parts of the body. For the skin to stay smooth, it needs to be firm. Firm skin is maintained with healthy collagen stores. For the skin to stay resilient and tight, it needs elastin. Both collagen and elastin decrease as we age. This change may occur far earlier than we imagine. During our twenties, the body stops making as much collagen and elastin as it has. Fortunately, it takes several years after that to start seeing the effects of this decline. Unfortunately, once we start to experience the changes, they seem to snowball. The good news about seeing where the skin starts to age is that we can identify ways to address the root cause when possible.

What Aging Does to the Eyes

We know that, as we age, the skin loses its resiliency due to the lack of new collagen and elastin. How does this translate cosmetically?

  • The upper eyelids may lose fatty tissue and start to look sunken. Volume loss can also lead to sagging that obscures the upper eyelid’s natural crease.
  • The upper eyelids may look heavier due to a downward pull on the brow line. This can also obscure the natural crease.
  • Thinning of the upper eyelid skin can cause tissue to droop over the eyelash line, even obscuring vision.
  • Volume loss in the lower eyelid can lead to dark circles and a sunken appearance.
  • The fatty tissue of the lower eyelid may conversely become more prominent, resulting in undereye bags.

When Can Injectables Help?

Injectables work in one of two ways. Neuromodulators like Botox smooth wrinkles and can accomplish goals like raising the eyebrows by easing muscle contractions. The eyebrows move downward because certain muscles on the forehead become persistently constricted. Relaxing the muscles means the eyebrows can sit higher over the eyes. When the eyebrows do this, the skin of the upper eyelid may also lift subtly. Dermal fillers work by increasing tissue volume. This effect can be beneficial in the correction of undereye bags or hollowing.

Do Injectables Always Work?

As beneficial and convenient as injectables are, they may not work successfully for everyone. These products are intended for subtle improvements. So, if there is severe sagging or hollowness, injectables may improve the appearance of the skin but not necessarily as much as a person may want. In those situations, we look to blepharoplasty to achieve a pleasing outcome.

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