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What are the risks of a rhinoplasty procedure?

Board-certified plastic surgeons take precautions that minimize the risks of surgical rhinoplasty. According to the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons, common rhinoplasty risks include potential complications related to anesthesia, infection, and bleeding. Additional risks include: Scarring or poor wound healing Lingering pain or numbness in the nose Difficulty breathing Prolonged swelling or skin discoloration Perforation […]

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What You Should Know About Getting a Nose Job

Many people express a desire to get a nose job. With rhinoplasty being one of the leading cosmetic surgery procedures, there is much to talk about. First, patients should understand that, while the term cosmetic surgery is often used, there is no clinical distinction for this practice. The doctor who is qualified to perform a […]

Rhinoplasty Requires Excellence

As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Steitz understands the value of excellence in all professional endeavors. His specific training under Dr. Dean Toriumi at the University of Illinois in Chicago only enhanced a desire to achieve the very best for our patients. Because rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgical procedures that people consider, […]

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Want a New Nose? Here’s What You Need to Know about Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is a common surgical procedure that is often referred to as a “nose job.” This procedure may involve precise techniques to modify the general shape and structure of the nose to improve functionality and/or cosmetic appearance. As prevalent as rhinoplasty surgery is, there are details that may go unnoticed and affect a patient’s experience. […]

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