Can a Non-Surgical Facelift Address My Goals?

Istock 994813070 1 When it comes to facial aging, what is unavoidable has gradually become manageable. Just half a century ago, there were no dermal fillers to smooth lines and wrinkles. Botox wasn’t even a glimmer in anyone’s eye at that time, and lasers, well, they may have been in the early developmental stages in certain industries but certainly not aesthetic medicine. Fifty years ago, the way to manage facial aging was to have a facelift. That was about the only option people had. Today, we have a plethora of services from which to choose. Having more choices can be both liberating and confusing, though. For example, how can you confirm that a non-surgical facelift is right for you? We’ll discuss that here.

What Is a Non-Surgical Facelift?

Simply understanding a non-surgical facelift as a treatment protocol that does not involve incisions, anesthesia, and sutures isn’t enough. It is important to know that a non-surgical facelift is a custom treatment process that may include one or more different modalities. Some believe that a non-surgical facelift is simply getting injectables. That isn’t the whole of it. Let’s look at some of the aspects that may be involved in this type of facial rejuvenation.

  • Botox is a wrinkle reducer than may be involved in the non-surgical facelift for several reasons. This injectable relaxes the uppermost part of the face. It smooths frown lines and crow’s feet as well as horizontal forehead lines. A bigger reason for including Botox into facial rejuvenation is that it can gently lift the eyebrows to open up the eyes.
  • Dermal fillers are also wrinkle reducers but they do a lot more than smooth lines and creases. This treatment option can rejuvenate several parts of the mid and lower face. Dermal fillers can disguise undereye bags. They can also increase volume in the cheek area and the lips. While they’re known as wrinkle-reducers, they are much more versatile than you may imagine.
  • Fat injections. Think of fat injections as a different type of dermal filler. If you’ve had dermal fillers and want longer lasting results, this technique of taking fat from one part of your body and placing it in various areas of the face may be ideal.
  • Dermabrasion or chemical peel treatment. Facial aging isn’t just about lines and creases, it’s also about changes in texture, tone, and pigmentation. Resurfacing techniques like chemical peels and dermabrasion are excellent solutions because they eliminate surface imperfections and also encourage collagen production.

There are many reasons to appreciate the non-surgical approach to anti-aging. Still, that doesn’t mean the facelift has lost its value. A skilled facial plastic surgeon provides a well-informed recommendation for care based on your personal needs and desired outcome. To learn more about your facial rejuvenation options, contact our St. Louis office at 314.475.3700

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