Can a Man Benefit from a Facelift?

Istock 915711576Facelift surgery, like most plastic surgery procedures, has historically been something that we associate with women. To be fair, we will say that women have also tended to get the short end of the stick when it comes to the acceptance of aging. We see some lines on a man’s face, and some gray in his whiskers, and we say he has gained wisdom. There is a sort of respect given to a man’s aging face whereas women have long received messages that they should look young at every age. That said, every person deserves to feel confident in their appearance. This is why we believe that men should have the same freedom to address cosmetic concerns, and we are happy to help them. Here, we discuss why facelift surgery is different for a man’s face. 

The Nuances of the Male Facelift

It has been said that men have thick skin. This is meant metaphorically but, physically, it’s actually quite accurate. Because men have thicker skin, laxity in the muscles deeper beneath the surface leads to hollowing and sagging in the midface, jawline, and neck. Thicker skin is heavier so, when sagging occurs, the skin can pull on the lower eyelids, drawing them downward. Strong forehead muscles can etch deep frown lines between the eyes and, if a man has engaged in smoking, drinking, excessive sun exposure, or a stressful lifestyle these changes to facial structure may be exaggerated. 

The unique structure of a man’s musculature, bone tissue, and skin make the facelift procedure more specific. Plastic surgeons may take a more robust approach when treating facial aging on a man. Repositioning the fat pads and deep facial muscles is necessary to restore sharper angles to the jawline and upper neck. This technique may restore some degree of fullness to the cheek area, as well. While the technique used for a man’s facelift may be more comprehensive, his thicker skin tends to heal more quickly from the incisions made during surgery. 

Facelift surgery for men, just like for women, is intended to restore natural youthful shape to the face. The procedure is tailored to each individual. There is no value in smoothing every wrinkle so the skin is ultra-tight. To do that would be out of step with the uniqueness of each patient. Our approach to every case focuses on the most natural-looking outcome that allows the patient to shine. 

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