Asian Rhinoplasty: It Isn’t What It Used to Be

Istock 1216169582 Rhinoplasty is a popular plastic surgery procedure across a variety of ethnicities. Generally, the objective of the rhinoplasty procedure is to refine the shape and size of the nose so that it is more “at home” with other facial features. A nose with too-wide nostrils, a hump on the bridge, or other exaggerations may draw unwanted attention and disrupt the proportions of facial symmetry. With rhinoplasty, it is possible to resolve this issue. Historically, though, ethnic rhinoplasties have been a challenge. There may have been some misunderstanding, or even a trend, in this arena to take the ethnic nose and make it more European. This is not the way we approach the procedure today. Here, we discuss particulars about Asian rhinoplasty to help you recognize how St. Louis facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Steitz conducts this process.

The Nuances of Asian Rhinoplasty

It isn’t only that every ethnicity has unique facial features. There are also differences in the skin. On Asian patients, we typically see thicker, more robust skin on the nose. There is also a tendency toward a broader nasal base, a more bulbous nasal tip, and a flat or low bridge and radix. This area in particular is one that is often concerning. Asian patients request improvement in the radix and bridge for several reasons. One is that a buildup of this area assists with the proportionate projection of the nose. Another is that having more structure at the top portion of the nose makes it easier to comfortably wear glasses.

Goals of Asian Rhinoplasty

As we stated, Asian rhinoplasty is not performed to bring out more European traits. This procedure is done to accentuate that nose so it looks better alongside other facial features. Having extensive education and clinical training in ethnic rhinoplasty, Dr. Steitz has developed techniques of observation and treatment development that work for each individual. The objective is to address one or more parts of the nose; narrowing the base, refining the tip, adding necessary projection to the tip or the bridge. In so doing, the nose looks completely in step with the cheeks, eyes, chin, and mouth.

Are you an ideal Asian nose job patient?

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