Are You in Need of Earlobe Repair?

Istock 1172681801 The earlobes frame the face. This is one of the reasons people like to wear earrings. When the earlobes are misshapen or get stretched or injured, it can cause dissatisfaction or self-consciousness. Earlobe repair can restore attractive contour and proportion to the ears. This has become an increasingly popular and necessary procedure in recent years. We are pleased to offer it at our St. Louis office.

When is Earlobe Repair Necessary?

There are several reasons why someone may want to have their earlobes repaired or reshaped. Common problems include:

  • “Megalobes,” which are enlarged earlobes.
  • Pendulous, overly long earlobes that disrupt the proportions of the ear.
  • Lacerated or torn earlobes that split the earlobe vertically.
  • Severe asymmetry of the earlobes due to genetics or trauma.
  • Severe stretching from ear gauges.

These are not medically concerning problems but it can be important to correct them due to the way they affect appearance. Reshaping or repairing the earlobes can enhance professional and social perceptions formed, ultimately increasing one’s success and quality of life.

What is it Like to Have Earlobe Surgery?

Earlobe procedures are often conducted in the office. A local anesthetic is injected into the earlobe, preventing sensation for a short time. After cleaning the earlobe with an anti-bacterial solution, the doctor makes necessary changes to the tissue. For earlobe repair, this usually involves making minor cuts in the skin that has separated, creating fresh borders that are then connected using stitches.

After earlobe surgery, a bandage is placed over the ear to prevent germs or debris from causing infection. Mild swelling and discomfort are expected. This can be managed with over-the-counter medication. Within a day or two, patients can usually resume all normal activities. Care should be taken to avoid increasing the heart rate too much. This can cause an increase in swelling and may make the earlobe throb. Strenuous activities may be resumed after about two weeks. Scars that result from incisions are usually very discreet.

What about Piercing the Ears Again?

Many people express a desire to have their ears pierced again after their surgical repair. This is possible but should be postponed for several months to allow full healing and scar tissue to form. Also, because there is scar tissue in the earlobe now, it is necessary to have the piercing done a few millimeters away from the original hole.

If you are in need of earlobe repair, call our St. Louis office at 314.475.3700. We’re happy to schedule a visit for you.

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