Addressing Aging Eyes Without Surgery

Facial Injectables St. Louis MO Historically, surgical procedures provided the clearest path to facial rejuvenation. Still today, techniques like brow lift surgery and blepharoplasty offer considerable rewards. What they don’t do is meet the desire some patients have for nonsurgical modalities. When it comes to refreshing the face, there is value in focusing on the eyes. In our St. Louis practice, we often do so using dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are capable of restoring fullness to various areas of the face and even the hands. These products are frequently used to smooth lines and enhance facial contours. Beneath the eyes, fillers are an excellent solution to puffiness as well as hollowness and dark circles.

Bags Under the Eyes

Undereye bags commonly occur as the skin ages and loosens over underlying fat pads. To restore smoothness and a natural-looking contour, dermal fillers are often used. In some instances, filler is inserted superficially into the tear trough. This is the curved line that sits at the junction of the upper cheek and lower eyelid. More severe undereye puffiness may receive superficial injections as well as deeper injections into the upper cheek, just at the lower orbital rim, to smooth the transition between these two areas.

Dark Circles and Sunken Eyes

An opposite problem as puffiness, dark circles and hollowness occur when the bony structure of the face changes. Dark circles are caused by shadowing that relates to sunken tissue. By inserting dermal filler product into the upper cheek at the infra-orbital rim of the eyes, an experienced provider adds volume in a way that allows light to reflect off the skin more appropriately. The additional volume also offsets the sinking of soft tissue to make the eyes appear brighter and younger.

About Those Structural Changes

Studies have proven that, as we age, we experience both soft tissue and bone degradation. In the face, it is around the eyes and the mouth where bony structure degrades. This includes a widening of the periorbital bone that surrounds the eyes. This widening and bone loss can lead to unwanted hollows as well as flattened cheeks. There are few ways to avoid the natural breakdown of facial anatomy. There is, however, something we can do to maintain youthful contouring.

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