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How we bring advanced Ear, Nose and Throat solutions together is what sets us apart.

Drs. James D. Gould, M.D. and Rita M. Schuman, M.D., the physicians of STL Facial Plastics, offer advanced, comprehensive and personalized approach to Ear, Nose and Throat care. At STL Facial Plastics, a successful patient outcome is our number one priority. That’s why we offer only the most advanced Ear, Nose and Throat care, Allergy care, and Audiology care available.

At STL Facial Plastics, you’ll benefit from our state-of-the-art on-site diagnostic and treatment capabilities that seamlessly blend with our attentive, personalized approach – a Synergy that has helped us to build lasting relationships with each of our patients. From your very first consultation with us, you’ll experience a level of quality and care that makes us unique within our medical discipline.

See for yourself why your doctor prefers STL Facial Plastics when it comes to providing you with the best possible Ear, Nose and Throat care.

Our mission at STL Facial Plastics is to provide each patient with excellent, uncompromising, personalized care.

Our Doctors

Dr. James Gould

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Dr. Rita Schuman


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Dr. Jennifer Taylor

Staff Jennifer

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Our Team

Staff Cynthia St LouisCYNTHIA EMILY, PA-C

Staff Paula St LouisPAULA CARROW
Staff Kim St LouisKIM MEYER, B.S.W.

Staff Megan St Louis MEGAN SNIDLE, R.N.
Staff Linda St LouisLINDA RUNZI

Staff Megan St LouisMEGAN LEWIS
Staff Dawn St LouisDAWN DAVIS

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